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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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ahead and take off their gold jewelry when they're walking on the street. now we spoke to the mother who was attacked, and she said she was too scared to talk on camera but she is hoping the police catch those who are responsible. >> police officers went door to door this afternoon walking the streets near 47th and bancroft. this morning a 34-year-old mother walking with her 2-year- old daughter and pushing her baby in a stroller was confronted by a black man in his 20s and a teenager. they jumped her, they yanked out her necklace and rings and they took the girl. and she got scared because she thought they were going to take her, but they took off her necklace. >> this really gets to you when a child is the victim of a strong armed robbery. that's wrong in so many different ways. i know the chief will find it
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extremely unacceptable. >> reporter: a half hour later, another mother pushing her daughter was robbed of her gold jewelry by two boys who appeared to be 15. because the price of gold is up there's been a huge price of strong armed robberies. >> at least a dozen. >> a dozen a day? >> that would be about right. >> reporter: police say women of all ages are targeted especially mothers who have children with them. jordan velasquez says he's not taking any chances with his son. >> they took all their gold off. they don't wear no gold, i don't wear anymore gold just to avoid any problems. >> reporter: police do not think the same group of people are responsible for the robbery, because this is happening in different areas and the descriptions of the areas are inconsistent. reporting live, janine de la vega. police are investigating two hit-and-run accidents this afternoon. the driver of the car that was hit sped up and began chasing
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the mercedes. about 10 blocks away, he said the people inside the mercedes jumped out of the vehicle and took off running. the mercedes then rolled into the creek south of 580. no one was hurt, police are still looking for the driver of that white mercedes. sources say that iman and iraqi delegates are now helping in the release of the two uc berkeley graduates from iran. their attorney says he has filed all the paper work but does not expect an answer until saturday. he already has a plane ready to take the two out of iran. ktvu's alex savage live in san francisco, alex. >> reporter: hard to believe, trouble at the top for the giant's organization.
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just a year after the team won the world series. but according to reports that are out, the head man clashed with ownership. today at a news conference here at at&t park that was something that was down played. ceo bill nuckum went in front of the cameras and said it was solely his decision to retire from the position. larry bayrd will take over. reports suggest nukum ruffled some feathers by making changes before getting the green light. but nukum today denies he was forced out. >> i don't think that's the right characterization at all. as you might imagine, sometime after i came back to earth, still not back to earth after last year. i asked myself is there a success plan? how much longer can you, should you, do you want to do this
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job? and in the course of thinking about that and talking with folks about it including other investors, i came to the conclusion that, this was the right time to turn the reigns over. >> this is business as usual. this to put it simply, this is not a turn around in any sense of stretch of the imagination. as bill said, this franchise really is stronger than ever. the perspective of winning is formost, paramount, always will be. >> reporter: neukum said he thought it was time to step down because he accomplished the goals he set for himself, mainly winning that championship. tonight fans are weighing in on the shake up. >> you have to look at both sides. >> he seems he's okay with it. so we'll just have to see what
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the new guy does. if he helps the team at all. >> reporter: and the new ceo will be taking over at the end of this year. neukum says he plans to stay on with the giants in an advisory role. ruth gaither ginsburg is in san francisco. she's taking part in a question and answer series at the school. the 78-year-old judge was delayed coming to the bay area when she was on board a united airline flight outside washington, d.c. and the pilot ordered the passengers to evacuate because of problems with the plane's engine. marin county it is known as a democratic stronghold but today this pocket of the bay area had a visit from republican presidential
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candidate michelle bachmann. as janine jade hernandez reports, bachmann was here looking for support and money. >> reporter: bachmann stepped out and said hello to the tea party members. there were issues she addressed with the 115 people who paid 100 bucks to hear her speak. >> i believe it's impartive we secure our southern border. the obama administration only took them nine days to bring that project off the shelf and try to get money to solyndra. we know $550 million of tax money has gone to solyndra and now that company has filed for
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bankruptcy. >> reporter: but bachmann has had to cover her comments about the hpv vaccine. >> they didn't like the change they had the last time around. they are very unhappy. >> reporter: delakoski formed the first tea party in san rafael. today she has 1,800 people in the mailing list and support is growing. >> beyond my california leadership team, we can do this. i want you to know it and we will do it. >> reporter: in san rafael, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. michelle bachmann is scheduled to address the california republican party convention tomorrow night. the convention will run through sunday at the marriott hotel in los angeles. ron paul also plans to air
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tends. but front runners perry will not be attending saying he has a conflict in his schedule. pg & e is asking regulators to approve a method of testing gas pipeline that is safety officials consider substandard. the utility was ordered to drop pressure while the method to raise pipeline pressure meets federal guidelines, officials call it deficient. commissioners will consider the request at a hearing on monday. a treasury department today became the latest government agency to launch an investigation into fremont based solyndra. the department is looking into the company and the $528 million it received from a federal loan. that loan program is also under scrutiny. the associated press reports the obama administration ignored warnings by watchdog groups about that program. the white house then went on
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the defense. >> the president is absolutely committed to the idea that the united states must compete in the cutting edge technologies of the 21st century. the fbi and the energy department are also investigating solyndra. mortgage rates fell to the lowest levels in 60 years. according to freddie mac, the average rate for a 15 year mortgage fell to 3.3%. economists say that's likely the lowest rate ever for that type of loan. a few people are taking advantage of the cheap financing because of tougher loan requirements. a new report says oakland is among the bay area cities hit hardest by the fore closure process. the report called the wall streak wrecking ball estimates oakland will see 28,000 foreclosures from 2008 to the end of next year. property values in the city have dropped some $12 billion during that time. >> every morning when i take my dog for a walk, if i see a
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house that's already being boarded out, and it just makes it so depressing. sometimes when i see people that live there then all of a sudden i don't see them around anymore, you know. >> reporter: the group formerly known as a.c.o.r.n. wrote the report. it is calling on banks to help homeowners by readjusting mortgages according to property values. the european central bank and the u.s. federal reserve were among them. the plan reinvolves around loans to european banks. the dow added 183 points. the wind turbine company next era resources is offering a $10,000 reward in a vandalism case. the company says someone used an excavator late last month to dig holes near it's wind turbine project near cascar
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road in a remote part of contra costa county. next era energy says the thieves ruptured a line. the company wants anyone with information to call the contra costa county sheriff's department. the university of california wants to raise tuition. find out what group of people has the power to say not so fast. we continue to follow developing news, the major traffic mess that is afecting both affects both b.a.r.t. riders and drivers on i80. i have the forecast for your friday and it includes a lot of fog and cooler temperatures. i'll tell you which cities will be the coolest for saturday.
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we continue to follow developing news happening in the east bay that's having an impact on drivers there on i80. what you're seeing here on the bottom of the screen that's 580 eastbound going into livermore
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and beyond. there's an accident there that has forced quite a delay for b.a.r.t. riders. there was actually an accident involving a dump truck and two other vehicles. one vehicle got dangerously close to the b.a.r.t. tracks. there's been some progress. if we can show you that that car that was near the b.a.r.t. tracks has been removed and the scene appears to be clearing. but you can tell traffic is still very slow. b.a.r.t. is having five minute delays because they're single tracking there but the back up on 580 exists. we will stay on top of this breaking news and bring you more during our newscast. it is a proposal that could happen if state funding does not grow and today the 16% hike was debated. sal castaneda live tonight with more on the thousands of dollars at stake, sal. >> reporter: students here at uc berkeley are reacting with relief saying they don't want
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drastic tuition hikes and they're glad that the regents agree. today the regents heard more about the deal. university officials say repeated state cuts have left the system with a budget shortfall expected to grow to $2 billion. university of california president mark yudof says the university needs to get the money from some where. >> my job is to keep up the quality of the university of california. that mean s if you don't have a competitive salaries for staff, they can leave and go some where else. it means you need scholarship money for the students and i don't want to see the quality decline. >> reporter: judging by comments made by several regents at today's meeting, the idea of raising tuition was not well received. a modified proposal and decision could come at the regent's february meeting. they will look for money from outside sources including corporate sponsors. >> let's reach out to corporations, let's reach out
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to people to fund campaigns. let's reach out to people who we know at the legislature. >> reporter: tuition here at uc berkeley or any of the uc schools is about $12,200 a year. now if the school continues to raise tuition by 16% a year, that figure in four years could be about $22,000. coming up at 6:00, we will hear student reaction to the plan that the regents rejected today. more on that at 6:00. live in berkeley, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 two -- channel 2 news. the regents approved bonuses today. marry bergrgren received a
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$744,000 bonus. workers at the bakery called 911 about 5:30 to report a fire. the bakery is owned by thomas keller who also owned the french laundry and other near by restaurants. the fire damaged the bakery stove and caused smoke and water damage. >> we're just happy that the staff is out safely. that was our primary concern. late this afternoon, calfire told us the fire appears to have started in a light fixture inside a small closet in the oven. damage is estimated at $250,000. calfire is investigating if an arsonist is to blame for a grass fire near briones regional park. crews worked in pitch black conditions overnight to stop the wildfire that spread to 50 acres. it was first reported wednesday night. contra costa fire marshal says the fire's cause is suspicious. calfire investigators are investigating what caused the fire. no one was hurt. people around portola
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valley reported seeing a mountain lion. last night's sighting was after 11:00. on monday night, residents reported seeing a mountain lion less than a mile away at alpine road. two other sightings were reported about 10 days ago. state fish and game officials ended the abloney season two months early. after reports of an abloney die off. fishermen reported seeing dead abloney in the tide. let's check in with bill martin on today's temperatures. >> it's starting to feel a little bit like fall around here. the mornings have been cool, daytime highs today cooler than they were yesterday. we have fog, it's breaking up a little bit. looks like there's some clearing out at the cliff house in san francisco. out at ocean beach, out toward land's end.
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you can see the park. i think there's a little bit more fog than this shows but you get the picture. a lot of folks live out of this area and they have had one heck of a foggy and cool summer so far. and you know the old-timer, they love the fog out there. the new timers too. but it really has been one of those years where there has not been a lot of sunshine out in the avenues of san francisco. livermore, pacifica has had some sun because of the northwest wind. but it's been very cloudy coast side. this temperature map represents how cool the temperatures are. coast and bay. those greens are 60s. you go inland you get some 70 -- 70s. coastal log fog back in the forecast tonight. we're going back into friday. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today. with plenty of low coastal fog and clouds. the burn off was, slow along the coast or on the peninsula. burn off tomorrow will be about the same. if you had fog until 10:00 that's about the burn off time
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expected tomorrow. the overnight lows, here's that 49 in santa rosa. but i tell you if you go a little bit west out here to oxidenta or east, you're going to find overnight lows probably down into the mid-40s. it's getting cool down there. 70s low 70s out into lafayette. not a warm day tomorrow at all. the hot spots we might get an 80 degrees reading but you're out toward brentwood on the way out to modesto before you start to see 80s. a mild day tomorrow. when i come back we're going to look specifically at your forecast high tomorrow. and your weekend forecast with your weekend in view. so i will see you back here at 5:45. mystery solved. scores of people from southern california to arizona saw this light hurdle across the sky
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around 7:45 last night. well now a nasa scientist says he's convinced that light was most likely a piece of asteroid that entered earth ice atmosphere. the nasa program manager says the fire ball was the fragment of an asteroid the size of a baseball or basketball that would would have disintegrated before it hit the ground. and a new exclusive ktvu field poll reveals what californians are thinking about lawmakers in washington. which party is getting the words grades. it's a war of words breaking out. what todd palin is saying about a new book of sarah palin that paints her as a drug abuser and a cheating wife. new at 6:00, a jump in crime, a bay area neighborhood targeted by a new wave of
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thieves. what they are after now. plus, this is not the wing of a cargo plane but soon it'll be delivering something to your house at the speed of light. >> we are getting an up close look at the giant make over to windmill. plus the housing crisis might be worse than you think. a look at the devastating crisis in a south bay neighborhood tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway?
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the author says that he wrote the best story he could saying that palin asked her friends not to cooperate. a record number of california voters are unhappy with the job their elected representatives are doing. 71% disapproved, 17% approved. california voters are fairly bipartisan in their view of congress. the gop faired worse. 59% of voters disapproved of the job performance than democratic members of congress. while 70% disapproved of the job republicans are doing. how did long time california senators rate? we'll have those numbers coming up at 6:00. chu laid claim to the title
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of fastest fundraiser. chu announced he collected more than $1 million in public donations and has $600,000 in campaign funds. he says he raised the money in two days. 16 candidates are running for mayor of san francisco this november. i didn't just lose former range, i lost afghan buddies too. i lost six from my platoon. the words from a medal of honor recipient, and the awards that took place here in california at the same time as the white house. and the companies that are making plans to scale down. the companies that are planning to scale down in california. [ male announcer ] humble beginnings are true beginnings.
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a young marine says he's not a hero but his actions under fire have earned him the nation's highest military honor. dakota meyer he was just 21 years old on a routine patrol in afghanistan two years ago when his team was ambushed by taliban insurgents. against orders, he rushed to help his fellow troops. five times meyer and another marine drove a humvee into the line of fire rescuing 36 marines, soldiers, and afghan forces. the military says meyer killed at least eight insurgents everyone though he was himself wounded. today meyer received the medal
5:30 pm
of honor from president obama. meyer says he is dedicating it to all those who served and those who died that day. >> i didn't just lose fellow troops, we lost afghan troops. it's not just four guys. we were so close to the afghans working alongside them. that i mean they were just like your brothers too. >> meyer went back into the danger zone to retrieve the bodies of the fallen. he now wears the names of the four marines who died that day on his wrist. at meyer's request the four men who died that day were remembered at their hometown at the same time the medal of honor ceremony was taking place. one of those men was from northern california. rob roth on the emotional memorial. >> reporter: here at the cemetery in the small central valley town of escalon, family and friends gather to honor a young hero and to thank the
5:31 pm
medal of honor recipient who tried to save him. u.s. navy hospital core man james layton was 22 years old when he died in a remote village in afghanistan. marine sergeant dakota meyer who received the medal of honor today found layton's body draped over. >> he looked me in the eyes and said, i didn't bring him back alive. i said no you didn't. it's what happened, i said you brought james back so we could honor him and bury him with the honor he deserves. >> reporter: meyer wanted layton and the three other servicemen who's body they received at great risk to himself to each have their own ceremony today. but layton's parents did not
5:32 pm
mention their son's purple heart or his dream of one day having his own music studio, instead they spoke of dakota meyer. >> thank you so much for bringing home our son. and letting us bury him and get him -- give us all the peace that we needed in order to go on. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. two days before he was killed, layton was injured by shrapnel was chose to remain on duty. uc berkeley is on the list of schools with the military friendly environment. gi jobs magazine ranks colleges for their financial and other support to veterans. the magazine says there are about 7,000 colleges and universities offering programs designed for veterans. this is the second year in a row uc berkeley made that list. stanford is also on the list
5:33 pm
this year. after ten years of state oversight, district officials presented a gigantic check for $868,000 to state superintendent of public instruction torlenson. it is the remaining payment of a check they received when the district was going down. >> it is a much happier day to have the loan off the backs of the district and off your minds. >> the emeryville district has one elementary school and one middle school serving 800 students. postal officials today announced sweeping and possibly paying for cuts more than 250 postal distribution centers are in the chopping block. as scott macfarland reports some of those are here in the bay area. >> reporter: today the postal service announced they will be closing 22 mail distribution centers, two of them in
5:34 pm
petaluma and all of this in the coming months. odds are you don't send as much mail as you used to. we all send less, 43 million pieces sent this year than in 2006. and the postal service is hurting because of it. it suffered $3 billion in losses in just the past few months. at its headquarters in washington today it swung the hatchet. >> we need to make these changes in our system now in order to get our finances in order and also be healthy financially going forward. in all it will consider closing 252 mail distribution centers nationwide. the workers in those centers could be forced to move to new cities into new positions, some though would lose their jobs all together. the postal service also announced it can no longer offer overnight delivery of letters, first class mail and if congress will allow the agency still wants to cut back to five day a week mail service. the spike in online bill paying
5:35 pm
and e-mail have financially crippled the postal service. some congressional leaders told us, government hasn't helped either. >> no business can really make money if the u.s. congress told them where their retail outlets would be. that's what we do at the postoffice because that's what the public wants us to do. >> the u.s. postal service will consider closing two mail distribution centers in petaluma, close 15 of them statewide and if it does so sell off some of those properties to local buyers in washington, scott macfarlane. fire officials in san francisco say a serial arsonist is at work there. firefighters fought six different fires yesterday morning. along river parkway near river bend park, witnesses say they saw a man riding a bike on the parkway setting fires along the way. and on saturday, there were nine different fires in that same exact area. near by residents are concerned for their safety. >> very concerned, in fact, you know i wonder should i go to sleep at night or should i sit out there and watch to see what
5:36 pm
might happen. >> police believe the arsonist is a white male with short hair. investigators say he was wearing gray pants and a gray shirt when he was seen in the area at the time of the fires. san jose fire investigators tell us this afternoon that the cause of the fire at the ponderosa complex is in the works, but they tell us all the evidence points to an accident. all eight people living in the complex were displaced. the damage is being estimated at at least $8 million. a federal judge ordered casey anthony $8 million in costs to investigate the death of her daughter caylee. anthony lied to authorities repeatedly before detectives determined the little girl was dead. the judgment fell far short of the $500,000 authorities had been asking for. one bay area city wins the
5:37 pm
title as most playful. which one and why. plus it has become an an institution in san francisco. but tonight the tents are coming down. tonight we know now when. the fbi is not happy with dr. oz. what he said about apple juice that has him under fire. and we continue to follow breaking news on 580. we'll check if things are getting better for b.a.r.t. riders and drivers stuck behind their wheel. [ cow mooing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no need to produce foods yourself to be sure they're 100% natural. ♪
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we want to bring you up to speed on some developing news right now. it has been a traffic nightmare, dublin pleasanton area. earlier this afternoon a dump truck collided with a car. that car then leaned over the fence near those b.a.r.t. tracks there. because of that three to eight minute delays for b.a.r.t. trains. they are on a single track system right now. as you can see the traffic is absolutely backed up as that one lane remains closed on this thursday evening commute. if you're expecting folks coming home out there on the east bay it might be a little later than they usually get home. we now know when san
5:41 pm
francisco's theatro zenzano will have its closing day. we learned today the last day will be on new year's eve. a spokesman said it is still working with the city to find a permanent new home. people who park in san francisco's city owned garages may now find out where there is an empty parking space with a few taps on their cell phones. the city transportation agency launched a new texting suspect for san francisco garages. drivers can send a message to get available spaces. a national organization
5:42 pm
that advocates for parks and outdoor areas has named san leandro as a playful city award. dr. oz under fire tonight, turns out the fda not happy with his show yesterday. the feds and a leading doctor are disputing claims by dr. oz that trace amounts of arsenic in many apple juice products pose a health risk. oz. say that testing found what he implied are concerning levels of arsenic in many juices. the fda says the labs methods were not appropriate and that its own tests show much lower arsenic levels? -z l e vels. a new study says that eating fruits with fleshy
5:43 pm
fruits, you can reduce stroke chances. the report say peers in the journal of the american heart association. >> the government is getting in our way. the republican party reveals it's plan. what house speaker john boehner says really needs to happen to help create jobs in the united states. and i'm back here in 10 minute, i have your friday forecast. i'll tell you which cities will see the most fog on friday morning. new at 6:00, a jump in crime, a bay area neighborhood targeted by a new wave of thieves. what they are after now. plus, this is not the wing of a cargo plane but soon it'll be delivering something to your house at the speed of light. we are getting an up close look at the giant make over to windmill. the housing crisis might be worse than you think. a look at the fore closure crisis in south bay neighbors
5:44 pm
tonight -- foreclosure crisis in south bay neighborhoods at 6:00.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
i don't think we should any of us go in there with a line in the sand. house minority leader nancy pelosi cautioned congress not to pick apart the president's jobs act. a week ago today president obama laid out his jobs bill to a joint session of congress. we brought that to you live. ktvu's carol han spoke to us about what the house speaker said about the bills. >> reporter: john boehner said there was an opportunity for a joint plan. but then he continued to slam the president. >> the president's proposals
5:47 pm
are substitute. >> reporter: what is needed says house speaker a need to get rid of -- and forget about hiking taxes for wealthy people and corporations. something the president wants to play for his plan. >> i really think it's time to hold the superrich accountable. >> reporter: will the president and the speaker see eye to eye, the need for house reform to close loopholes for oil companies. mr.boehner says any increases should be tied to a bill that expands offshore drilling. >> my fear is that we're going to wait 14 months to solve these debates in the next election we're going to do nothing until then. >> reporter: this speaker also shut down the critics skeptical
5:48 pm
of the supereconomy. our julie haener is live in the newsroom with the stories we're working on for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> gasia, a summer spike in crime in san francisco. new at 6:00 we break down the latest numbers and find out which two neighborhoods account for the majority of robberies in the the i. and the giants set forward renewable energy because of those massive wind generators. the silican valley tech giant that are also ahead of the curve when it comes to balancing work and home life. these stories and much more coming up in about five minutes. >> thank you, julie. the aircraft carrier used for the ocean burial of osama bin laden is making a bay area
5:49 pm
visit. the u.s.s. carle vincent is now in coronado. the ship will be on display for photos, there will be no tours. and let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin, the weather looking a little bit better. >> fleet week is already here. we have a fall like weather pattern sort of like today. a little bit of fog at the coast. pacifica you have a little bit of fog. it's starting to clear up on skyline boulevard. the fog comes back tonight as you would anticipate. the forecast tomorrow is for a little bit more of the same. it's going to be mild. temperatures very similar to what we had today or a little cooler in some places. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow, almost the same. lots of low and mid-70s in the traditional hot spots. why is it mild? because of this low pressure that i've been tracking. as it moves over the area, temperatures get cool.
5:50 pm
as we go to the weekend the high pressure buildings in and watch what happen -- builds in and watch what happens. look at saturday and sunday, a big pop in daytime highs. a warning trend for your bay area weekend. i knew you would like that. and a little less fog, cloud cover in the morning hours. the isotherm map shows 70s. it's a pretty mild weather pattern. it's really good for the air quality. five spare the air days this year. four or five spare the air days, that's nothing. it's been a really interesting year in terms of air quality and temperatures. livermore 76, 77 in morganhill. 77 in gilroy. speaking of fleet week, friday is coming up on us very fast as well. if you're going to the coast prepare yourself for a little bit of fog and low clouds.
5:51 pm
that's just how it is. not as substantial as it was in august or even late august. but with your weekend always in view you can see your five day forecast, it does warm up nicely on sunday. then again into monday. so very steady as she goes five day forecast. >> all right, thanks bill, appreciate it. the first lady is calling it a breakthrough moment. michelle obama is talking about a pledge by olive garden, red lobster and other restaurants to serve healthier meals. >> they're making changes across their full menu at every single one of their restaurants throughout the country. they're looking at all the food they serve and they're asking themselves one simple question, how can we improve the health of american families. >> the restaurants plan to make fruit or vegetable side dishes and low fat milk standard with children's milk. if a child wants french fries
5:52 pm
an adulthood -- adult will have to ask for them. what a woman found when she went out to see what happened. and it sounds a little more star wars than real life. what nasa scientists are noticing about a new planet. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney we're giving you a big thank you this friday & saturday with the simplest way to save extra. just use your jcpenney rewards credit card and get an extra 20% off all apparel, shoes accessories and home. no exclusions. save an extra 20% off brands for her. brands for him.
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take a look at this photo
5:55 pm
here sent to us out by the petaluma police department. a woman reported finding a hole on her roof after hearing a banging. after looking around with her neighbor she found this camera lens stuck in the ground. the officer assisting is contacting the faa to find out if there were any aircrafts over head that night. it is something we've seen in science fiction that has now become scientific fact. in star wars episode four, luke skywalker watches two suns go down on his home planet. now 35 years later, nasa has found a double sunned planet in our own galaxy. >> it's very possible that a planet out there really could exist. >> reporter: kepler discovered
5:56 pm
two stars orbits that has been dubbed kepler 216b. it is an unhospitable cold planet about the size of saturn. >> we have two stars dancing around each other, and in our line of sight they eclipse each other. then we have this exquisite little pirowett of the plant. we get to see how big the planet is as well. >> reporter: nasa says the kepler 16b planet likely does not sustain life. kepler 16b is the mission's second confirmed planet that orbits stars outside our sun.
5:57 pm
a san francisco police investigating a summer spike in crime.
5:58 pm
nuekum talks about the shake up in the giants
5:59 pm
organization. and the item you carry that might make you a target. good evening i'm julie laner. >> and i'm mike mibach. frank somerville has the night off. one lane remains closed at this hour after a crash between a big rig and a car created a traffic nightmare. the crash happened at about 2:30 this afternoon just west of food hill road -- foothill road. this is video taken this evening. the collision pushed the car close to b.a.r.t. tracks in the middle of road. both drivers sustained minor injuries. b.a.r.t. trains were delayed because of the proximity of the crash. right now b.a.r.t. is no longer single tracking through the area but trains are still going slow through the scene. san francisco police are reporting a startling spike in certain crimes. new at 6:00, ktvu's david stevenson spoke to police today about the one thing


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